Personal Healing Session

I’ve got to be honest, I LOVE offering individual healing sessions! And my clients love them too. 90 mins of space to be you in your entirety! No judgement, no expectation, no BS.

These sessions can take place online or in-person (depending where I am in the world!) so if you specifically want an in person session email me on the contact form below to find out if I ever come to your location…

At the moment I offer in person sessions in Los Angeles (USA) London (UK) and Tiruvannamalai (India).

It’s hard to put into words the magic that occurs during a healing session. I’ve been lovingly gifted with the capacity to see beneath the details of your story to the true movement of Love and Grace that is attempting to express itself through your life. 

In the beginning of the session you are invited to share freely the situations you are facing, allowing me to listen to the wisdom of your heart underneath the often painful experience (lets face it, you generally seek healing when you’re suffering!).

Oftentimes huge breakthroughs can happen in this process of reframing, allowing you to open your heart to that which you were previously resisting. This paves the way for the energetic healing work to be highly effective…

When you are ready, and you have expressed everything that is needing attention, we transition into the energetic aspect of the healing session. Of course, healing has already been occurring in the conversation, but in this next phase I actively connect with your energy system and allow the flow of Grace and Healing Energy to engulf you.

Using my voice as part of the transmission, I guide you into a deep and profound relaxation that is hard to come by in your day to day life. This depth of relaxation is extremely nourishing to your organs, brain and nervous system, not to mention your mental and emotional bodies. 

Throughout the healing session I guide you into the areas of conflict, stagnation and hurt. I am always actively journeying with you and much of the processing occurs through my system, leaving you free to release way more than you ordinarily could on your own!



Charu is a truly Gifted lady in whose expansive, gentle energy many resistant blocks dissolve. I have been blessed with her holding space for me on the path to transformation. Charu’s sweet Presence is enfolding and nurturing in a deep and resonant way. Practically speaking, she is able to highlight and facilitate the release of resistance on many levels. Personally speaking, there are now only three Divinely Connected people globally I have been guided to work with; Charu is one of these. I love her enthusiasm, her energy and her loving heart.

Jann Moores

I am so happy with the work we’ve done together! Your compassion, ability to hold space, and capacity to bring through Light and Grace is profoundly healing. I am so grateful! We went very deep in session and it has changed me for the better. I have recommended your work to several. You are so gifted, humble, and powerful and that makes for such amazing changes! Thank you!!

Laura Williams

Charusila is a gifted energy healer. My sessions with her have allowed me to release lower level emotions and blockages in a gentle way to support me in opening to my own gifts moving forward. She is able to tap into your energetic body and identify what needs to be cleared in alignment with whatever you are are trying to create/manifest/release. I also love that there is time before and after the actual clearing to discuss what is happening and next steps moving forward. I would highly recommend working with Charu. Thank-you!

Margo Fraser


Charusila Grace


Phone: (+1) 424 330 4846

WhatsApp: +44 7982 199008

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