Intuitive Energy Healing

Group Healing Sessions

Group healings are a wonderful and affordable way for everyone to benefit from the healing energies I have been gifted with. The Healing Field that is created affects each attendee in a totally unique way. The dance of the One in the Many is abundantly obvious during a group healing, and the transformation is often deepened by the willingness of each participant to powerfully engage with their own process.

It’s hard to put into words the magic that occurs during a group healing session. The alchemy of multiple beings openly sharing their hearts is deeply touching.

Currently I am blessed to be able to offer you group healings with the additional benefit of powerful sound healing courtesy of Presence. I share a little about Presence and her amazing work below…

Since I offer a variety of group healings, both online and in person, if you sign up below you will be notified every time a group healing is scheduled.



Charusila Grace


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