Inner Wisdom Coaching

Individual Coaching Session

Using a proprietary technique I lead you through a powerful and profound dialogue with the disowned parts of yourself that are causing your suffering.

Underneath each of these parts is an incredible commitment to love and authenticity that has been overlooked in your desire to feel better and attain a specific outcome.

The resulting connection and inspiration is extraordinary and often unexpected, and the transformative power of these coaching sessions continuously blows me away. 

We have been taught to view children as less than, stupid, immature… In reality, they have immense wisdom, love and understanding, they just have an immature and uneducated view of the world. When you combine the understanding and insight of the adult self with the innocent love and care of the child self, miracles manifest! 




Charusila Grace


Phone: (+1) 424 330 4846

WhatsApp: +44 7982 199008

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