Welcome Beloved!

It is an absolute pleasure to welcome you here to this safe, sacred space.

If you’ve landed here, it’s likely you’ve been referred by someone you trust.

When the heart is open and speaks a clear yes, it is because there is a vibrational resonance that communicates far more than words ever could.

I am here to help you learn to trust that vibration even more and to enable you to embody your unique expression in the world.

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Charusila is an internationally renowned transformational energy healer. Working with clients from around the world, she has the capacity to see through veils, uncovering the blocks that are holding you back from fulfilling your divine purpose. Her loving and compassionate presence brings the safety that your soul needs to trust the process of release, and her confidence in the power of authentic self-expression gives you the permission you need to shine as the completely unique and beautiful light you were born to be.
Charusila is committed to both creating transformation in every being that crosses her path, and to inspiring the souls that are ready to embrace and share their incredible gifts.

Feedback from previous clients:

I am totally struck by Charusila’s deep source of faith and trust in the power to transmute all conditions. Her compassionate and intuitive guidance creates the most exquisite space for healing. I feel safely held, deeply nurtured and supported. I begin to see myself as completely whole and unconditionally loved.

Chriss Weedall

5 Rhythms Teacher

Charu is a clear and beautiful channel for both a divine intelligence and her own unique wisdom and compassion. I have gained deep insights and heart awakenings from our sessions

Edward Calcutt


I absolutely love your healings, I feel the changes occurring in my body and energy field during the session and afterwards my reality is permanently different. I trust your work and highly recommend you to anyone looking for true healing and liberation. I appreciate not only what you do but who you are, may your heart inspire us all.

Anne Popiel


Is This You?

Most of my clients consider themselves to be on a healing/spiritual path, but it isn’t until they meet me that they realize the relief they have been seeking has been in such short supply.

I am open to working with everyone who feels a resonance with me. There are several ways of being that will make a profound difference to the success of our work together.

1) Commitment – you are willing to do what it takes. You know that healing is not always a ‘quick fix’ (though sometimes it may be) and that the best results come from gentle, loving application of healing tools over a period of time.
2) Willingness – On the healing path, difficult emotions sometimes arise. I teach a beautiful and loving way to work with these emotions, bringing incredible relief and inspiration. There may be moments when you will be asked to sit with this discomfort and open your heart to it.
3) Openness – All of the work I do is based on the idea that everything you need is within you and your life experience. Sometimes this requires you to open your heart to aspects of your experience which the mind still says ‘no’ to.


Work with me:

Transformational Energy Healing

You are far more incredible than you realize...

Energy Healing sessions support you to remember the truth of your being and discover the confidence to shine your light out into the world.


Inner Wisdom Coaching

Throughout your life you have had a powerful Wise One journeying with you.

Your Inner Wisdom carries all the understanding and education from past lives, all the dedication and commitment to this current life and a deep awareness of your soul contract.

In these coaching sessions we connect you powerfully with your Inner Wise One and provide you with tools and resources to keep the relationship alive long after our session together.


Group Healing

I offer powerful and deeply transformational Group Healing's both in person - currently in Los Angeles - and online.

Group Healing is a wonderful way to connect with your heart and recognize your one-ness with the beings around you.

The Healing Field gives each participant a powerful experience of unity along with profound healing for your specific situation.




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